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Kerri Hicks
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Kerri Hicks
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Mind Map on Brown Digital Repository, created by Kerri Hicks on 10/23/2014.

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Brown Digital Repository
1 I want to put stuff into the repository
1.1 I want to add to an existing collection
1.1.1 It's my collection Upload and notify
1.1.2 It's not my collection Upload and notify
1.2 Start a BDR collection
1.3 It's not part of a BDR collection
2 I want to get stuff out of the repository
2.1 I want to search/browse/view/find materials
2.1.1 BDR discovery Search all collections General search box from home page Item view Advanced search Item view Browse all Collections Collections view? Item view Featured collections (home page) Library Collections Item view University Collections Item view Research Data Item view
2.2 I want to use stuff already in the BDR materials in my own non-BDRproject
2.2.1 API
2.3 I want to see theses/dissertations
2.3.1 Item view
3 I want to do something outside the BDR
3.1 Have my stuff digitized, but not added to the BDR
3.1.1 DPS
3.2 Consult on a non-BDR project
3.2.1 CDS
4 I'm not sure what I want to do
4.1 CDS
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