Atoms And Molecules

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Atoms And Molecules
1 Subatomic Particles
1.1 Electrons
1.1.1 Negitive Charge
1.2 Neutrons
1.2.1 Neutral Charge(No Charge)
1.3 Protons
1.3.1 Postive Charge
2 Ionic and Covalent Bonds
2.1 Ionic Bond
2.1.1 Attraction Between Anions and Cations(lone valence electron is transfered to a different atom) Anions Net negative Charge Cations Net Positive Charge Example: An uncharged Sodium atom pairs up and gives a valence electron to a charged Chloride Atom to create NaCl
2.2 Covalent Bond
2.2.1 Sharing of Valence Electrons Single Bond: Sharing of one pair of valence electrons Double Bond: Sharing of two pairs of Valence electrons
3 Molecules
3.1 Molecule: Combination of 1 or more atoms to form a bond
3.1.1 H + H=H2
3.2 Compound: Combination of more than 1 element
3.2.1 Ex: Sodium plus Chloride=NaCl
4 Ions
4.1 an atom or molecule with a net electric charge ready to gain or lose one or more valence electrons
5 Anabolism and Catabolism
5.1 Anabolism: a process which requires energy and produces complex molecules from simpler ones
5.2 Catabolism is the breaking down of things - a series of degradative chemical reactions that break down complex molecules into smaller units, and in most cases releasing energy in the process.
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