Nintendo Wii

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A description of the Wii's release

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Nintendo Wii
1 Prior to the Wii Many non-gamers associated video games with teenage boys
1.1 The Wii was marketed so it would have a wider appeal beyond gamers
2 Promotion
3 Price
3.1 When the Wii was first released it was consideribly cheaper than it's microsoft rival, the xbox 360
3.1.1 Wii- £179.99
4 Place
4.1 The Wii was advertised and sold in places where non-gamers go to on a regular basis. For example supermarkets such as Tesco sold the product
4.1.1 There were also demonstrations set up in may shopping centers and various other places to give the general public a taste of the Wii
5 Market
5.1 The Wii was designed to be a game console that people who have little or no expeirence of video games would be able to use and enjoy the process
5.1.1 Wii was a revoloutionary product as it involved the player having to move around in order to play in contrast to traditional consales
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