Planning and Preparation for EffectiveNegotiation

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Planning and Preparation for EffectiveNegotiation
  1. Negotiation Analysis: know the situation,yourself,and yuor opponent.
    1. Analyze the negotiation context: Opportunities and constraints
      1. Assess the historical, political, legal, and cultural
        1. Assess the purpose of the negotiation
          1. Assess the nature of the conflict
            1. Assess the temporality of the negotiation
              1. Assess external constraints
                1. Assess external constraints
                  1. Assess external constraints
                  2. Analyze the negotiation structure and components
                    1. Identify the negotiation parties
                      1. Define the issues
                        1. Understand the underlying interests
                          1. Consider alternatives
                            1. Create a scoring system and sort out preferences
                              1. Determine the target/aspiration and reservation/resistance points.
                                1. Assess your negotiation style.
                                  1. Practice perspective taking
                                    1. Assess the relationship with the other party.
                                  2. Conclusion: Planning and Preparation as an Ongoing Process
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