Indian Constitution Historical Background

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Indian Constitution Historical Background
1 Company Act, 1773


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1.1 Governor of Bengal --> Governor General of Bengal ( First was Warren Hastings.
2 Pitt's India Act 1784
2.1 Distinguished Political and commercial functions of the compnay.
2.2 Recognised company's territories in India as British Possessions.
3 Charter Act, 1833
3.1 Governor General of Bengal --> Governor General of India
3.2 Ended the activities of East India Compnay as a commercial body, and it became administrative body
4 Charter Act, 1853
4.1 separated executive and legislative functions of the Gov Gen council.
5 Govt of India Act, 1858
5.1 Act of good governance for India
5.2 Governor General of India -- > Viceroy of India
6 Indian Councils Act 1861
7 Indian Councils Act 1892
8 Indian Councils Act 1909 / Morley - Minto Reforms
9 Govt of India Act, 1919 / Montague chelmsford Reforms
10 Govt of India Act, 1935
10.1 Indian Independence Act, 1947
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