Genetic Modification - Building a dinosaur from a chicken - Jack Horner 2011

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Genetic Modification - Building a dinosaur from a chicken - Jack Horner 2011
1 dinosaur behaviour
1.1 Cared for young
1.1.1 Built nests Evidence of colonial nesting and ‘site fidelity’ among ornithischian dinosaurs Nest and egg clutches of the dinosaur Troodon formosus and the evolution of avian reproductive traits
1.1.2 Brought food to babies
1.1.3 Palaeontology: Parental care in an ornithischian dinosaur
1.2 Social
1.2.1 Egg mountain in Montana
1.2.2 Lived in colonies Traveled in herds
1.2.3 Morphology changes with ontogeny Juveniles can recognize the adults and vice versa
2 1993
2.1 Dinosaur DNA rare in amber. More likely to get Flora or mosquito DNA . More likely to get it from a dinosaur!
2.2 Grant from National Science Foundation to attempt Tyrannosaurus rex DNA extraction from thigh bone with Dr Mary Schweitzer
2.2.1 Found heme but couldn't extract DNA
3 Avian dinosaurs v's non avian dinosaurs. Extinct = non avian dinosaurs, Avian are modern birds
3.1 Dr. Hans Larsson, McGill University
3.1.1 Genetic modification of chicken to make a "chickenosaur" Reverse engineering Loss of tail, formation of wings and gene switching off teeth thorough bird embryogenesis From dinosaurs to birds Article Dinosaur hands Archaeoptrex has a primative hand, hand is now a wing Embryonic pigeon looks ooks like archaeoptrex Gene expression (turns on a fuses them together to create the wing) Why? Teach kids about Evolutionary and developmental biology Technology, entertainment and design Tooth development Gene for teeth, Can turn the tooth gene on and produce teeth in chickens Osr2 gene Molecular patterning of the mammalian dentition Wnt pathway Expression of Wnt signalling pathway genes during tooth development Hox-8 Expression patterns of the homeobox gene, Hox-8, in the mouse embryo suggest a role in specifying tooth initiation and shape. Tail Bird have rudimentry tail, embryo has large tail but it gene turns on and it is reabsorbed Atavism: Embryology, Development and Evolution
3.2 Behavioural
3.2.1 Avian Paternal Care Had Dinosaur Origin
3.2.2 Phylogenetic reconstruction of parental–care systems in the ancestors of birds
3.3 Morphology
3.3.1 Avian dinosaur embryos
3.4 Evolutionary biomodification tool
3.4.1 Selection eg. Selective breeding in dogs
3.4.2 Transgenesis - take a favorable gene out of one and incorporate into another species genome Example glofish / glow animals Recombinant DNA Technology and Transgenic Animals
3.4.3 atavism activation - gene expression Switching on & off of genes
4 Hell creek project
4.1 B- rex
4.1.1 Incomplete, Small and found under a thousand cubic yards of rock Died at the age of 16 Biomolecular Characterization and Protein Sequences of the Campanian Hadrosaur B. canadensis Female meduallry tissue found around the bone (calcium build up / storage when a bird is pregnant Shows similarities to birds Hips - on other mind map
4.1.2 Found soft tissue Blood vessels
4.1.3 Found osteocytes Form the bones
4.1.4 Evidence of protein but no DNA DNA breaks down too fast when uncovered

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