diBosco Coffee and Champagne Bar (EXTENDED)

Charlotte Holley
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Charlotte Holley
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diBosco Coffee and Champagne Bar (EXTENDED)
  1. Site objective
    1. Business
      1. Sell coffee (online store)
        1. Bring in customers to cafe itself
        2. Give information
        3. Audience
          1. Customers
            1. Potential Business partners
            2. Context
              1. Site Structure
                1. Home Page
                  1. Map (Location details), social media etc.
                  2. About us
                    1. Menu
                      1. Items in cafe
                      2. Contact us
                        1. Forms for users to complete
                          1. Store onto database
                            1. Information required
                              1. Name, contact details, question/concerns/feedback
                          2. Coffee Shop (Selling)
                            1. Login (Staff and customer)
                              1. API logins (google etc.) and option to skip login
                          3. Privacy Policy
                            1. Cookie Policy
                            2. Major Function
                              1. Google maps (Home page)
                                1. Languages
                                  1. Search bar / Navigation bar
                                    1. Graphics (Suitable for impairments)
                                      1. Currency
                                      2. Similar sites
                                        1. Hotel Chocolat
                                          1. Costa Coffee
                                            1. Starbucks
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