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Mind Map on Seizures, created by satanay barsbai on 10/11/2018.

Resource summary

  1. a transient occurrence of signs or symptoms due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain
    1. Stages
      1. Aura
        1. Perceived sounds, tastes, or smells, Flash of light, “déjà vu” feeling
        2. Ictus
          1. Tonic or Clonic
            1. Amnesia
          2. Postictal
            1. Numbness, Headache, Fatigue, Partial paralysis
          3. Etiology
            1. Provoked
              1. Drugs, alcohol withdrawal, Imbalances (electrolytes, hypoglycemia)
              2. Non-epileptic
                1. Psychological condition, muscle disorder
                2. Epileptic
                  1. Brain injury, or inherited
                3. Two or more, Unprovoked seizures=
                  1. Epilepsy
                    1. Risk Factors
                      1. Sleep deprivation, Missed doses of anti-epileptic drugs, Alcohol withdrawal, Physical and mental exhaustion, Flickering lights, recurrent infections, Loud noises
                      2. Classification
                        1. Management
                          1. First aid
                            1. Medications
                              1. Inhibit the Activation
                                1. Activate the Inhibition
                              2. Investigation
                                1. ECG
                                  1. Lab tests
                                    1. Full blood count Calcium Magnesium Urea & electrolytes Liver Function tests
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