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1.7 isaac


Year 10 Computing Mind Map on 1.7 isaac, created by Isaac Clements on 10/12/2018.
Isaac Clements
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Sam Haynes
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Isaac Clements
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1.7 isaac
  1. GUI
    1. Graphic User Interface
    2. DOS
      1. Command Line Driven
        1. H:\>dir
          1. This would show the user everything related to the network
          2. C:\>dir
            1. This shows the hardrive
            2. If the input has '/p' at the end, the screen will pause at the end of each screen to allow the user to read it.
              1. cd.. goes back one folder
                1. cd\ goes back to the start (root)
                  1. When something is copied, it goes into RAM unless a destination is specified by user
                    1. * = anything
                      1. *.* = everything in folder is deleted permanently
                      2. Diagram of System Software
                        1. System Software
                          1. OS
                            1. Utility Programs
                              1. Anti-Virus
                                1. Disk Defragmentation Tool
                                  1. Disk Copier/Formatter
                                    1. Disk Compression
                                    2. Device Drivers
                                      1. Graphics Card Driver
                                        1. Network Interface Card Driver
                                    3. Keywords
                                      1. System Software
                                        1. Software that controls a computer's hardware
                                        2. OS
                                          1. Provides an interface between user and the hardware
                                          2. Virtual Machine
                                            1. Hides complexities of hardware from the user
                                            2. Memory Management
                                              1. The OS allocates memory between the different programs that are open at the time
                                              2. Device Drivers
                                                1. Gaming mouse, etc
                                                  1. OS specific and are updated regularly by companies
                                                    1. A piece of software that is used to control a piece of hardware
                                                    2. Peripheral management
                                                      1. Hardware not directly connected to the CPU
                                                        1. E.G. settings in Windows
                                                        2. File management
                                                          1. Needs the specific track, sector and surface address but the user doesn't know where they are kept
                                                          2. Utility Software
                                                            1. Maintains the computer or system
                                                            2. Lossy
                                                              1. Form of data compression in which some original data is lost menaing that the original file can't be recreated
                                                              2. Lossless
                                                                1. Form of data compression in which no data is lost and original file can be recreated
                                                                2. Public key
                                                                  1. Used to encrypt anything anyone wants to send to a person
                                                                  2. Private key
                                                                    1. Only the person who is the intended recipient can decrypt
                                                                    2. Compression
                                                                      1. Reducing the size of the file by performing an algorithm on the original data
                                                                    3. Defragmentation
                                                                      1. Speeds the computer up
                                                                        1. It brings together all the files that have been saved and then edited later on to one location
                                                                        2. Backing up Data
                                                                          1. We backup data that has value. You nneed to have a backup strategy
                                                                            1. The backup strategy will include...
                                                                              1. Who does it?
                                                                                1. What data is being backed up?
                                                                                  1. How often?
                                                                                    1. Where is it saved to and where is that kept?
                                                                                      1. How is it restored?
                                                                                        1. How long will it take?
                                                                                          1. Hot start
                                                                                            1. Another office to replace the primary office in event of a fire or natural disaster. This allows them to just go to the new building and upload the software
                                                                                            2. Cold start
                                                                                              1. Pay a share into a generic, shared office. Recovery is slower than a hot start as you have to upload programs as well as the software and data. It also isn't necessarily set up in the way the company would like it
                                                                                        2. Full backup
                                                                                          1. Everything is backed up
                                                                                            1. Recovery takes a long time
                                                                                            2. Incremental backup
                                                                                              1. Full backup initially made
                                                                                                1. Each night, only changes are backed up
                                                                                                  1. Quicker to save, slower to restore
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