Culture and art in Australia

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Culture and art in Australia
1 culture
1.1 Ethnic groups
1.1.1 73% Black Africans
1.1.2 16% Whites
1.1.3 6% Coloureds
1.1.4 4% Asiens
1.2 enrichment
1.2.1 brasilian dances
1.2.2 chinese parade
1.3 attractions
1.3.1 Sydney Opera largest Opera of Australia Alfred Hill each year 300 performances total 2500 performances each year largest cultural center in the world
1.3.2 Bangerra dance theatre Aboriginal culture and the newly created modern dance form founded in 1989
1.3.3 The Ayers Rock important information from Roberts presentation
1.3.4 Great Barrier Reef biggest oral reef in the world World Culture heritage since 1981 1500 types of fish
1.4 Main religions
1.4.1 Christians 67%
1.4.2 no organized religion 24%
1.4.3 Muslims 3%
1.4.4 Jews 1%
2 art
2.1 paintings
2.1.1 thematize their history
2.1.2 mark terretories
2.2 music
2.2.1 Didgeridoo
2.3 Art Gallery of New South Wales
2.3.1 aboriginal art to find in the Kakadu National Park in the North of Australia
2.3.2 art work of the colonial and the modern period modern art influence by Europe an Asia
2.3.3 classical and modern performances
2.3.4 built in the year 1880
3 language
3.1 english
3.1.1 but very colloquial dialect sometimes difficult to understand
3.1.2 different vocabulary new or shortened words for example textbook page..... second example: "Aussis" for "Australians"
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