What is osteopathy?


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Lou Scarlett
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What is osteopathy?
  1. Holistic
    1. Manual therapy
      1. Visceral
        1. Cranial
          1. Neuro-musculo-skeletal system
            1. Soft tissue
              1. Atriculation
                1. Manipulation
                  1. Muscle Energy Technique
                    1. Myofascial release
                    2. CAM
                      1. Becoming more widely associated with NHS
                      2. Rehabilitation
                        1. Patient-centred
                          1. Principles
                            1. Body is a unit - mind, body & spirit
                              1. Body has a self-regulating and self-healing mechanism
                                1. Structure and function are closely interrelated
                                2. Advice
                                  1. Exercises
                                    1. Improve mobility
                                      1. Reduce pain and muscle tension
                                        1. Increase blood supply
                                          1. Promote the body's own healing responses
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