Ashley's Dream Settings

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Ashley's Dream Settings
1 3.Pediatric
1.1 Downs Syndrome
1.1.1 Pros: Children are beautiful and full of life Cons: Patience and a lot of creativity Cons: emotionally tolling, demanding
1.1.2 Pros: Playing games
1.1.3 Pros: very rewarding
2 4.Rehabilitation/Specialty Hospital
2.1 Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries
2.1.1 Pros: Challenging and different everyday
2.1.2 Cons: Patients may be unstable Cons: Immobile patients, paralysis
2.1.3 Pros: Specific therapy for each individual patient
3 1. Out Patient Private Practice
3.1 Dance Injuries
3.1.1 Pros: Alot of personal knowledge, many different areas of dance, patients able to perform intense activities
3.1.2 Cons: Dancers may be frustrated if they cant returnn to previous ROM
4 5.Acute Care
4.1 Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation
4.1.1 Pros: Able to make a big impact on a patient
4.1.2 Cons:Patients may have limited endurance
5 2. Traveling PTA
5.1 Home Health
5.1.1 Pros: Flexible Schedule
5.1.2 Cons: Never know what kind of situation a patient is in
5.1.3 Pros:Freedom, more intimate relationship with patients
5.1.4 Cons:Safety, Less Resources
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