How to write a review

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How to write a review
1 Paragraph 1: Introduction
1.1 Title of the film
1.1.1 Hints on genre
1.2 Name of director
1.2.1 Other movies by director
1.2.2 Are they well known?
1.3 Briefly outline the film
1.4 Is it award winning
2 Paragraph 2: Description
2.1 When and Where
2.2 Characters
2.2.1 Name and description of main Name of actors Have they won any awards Have they stared in other movies
2.3 Outline the plot
2.3.1 don't give away the ending make it brief
2.4 themes dealt with
3 Paragraph 3: Evaluation
3.1 strenghts
3.2 weaknesses
3.3 storyline
3.3.1 does it do the book justice?
3.3.2 good or bad ending? resolution
3.4 script
3.5 special effects
3.5.1 camera work
3.6 quality of acting
3.7 is there suspense
4 Paragraph 4: Recommendation
4.1 is it worth seeing?
4.1.1 a must see why?
4.2 target audience
4.2.1 ages best suited to who it would appeal to
5 Finally
5.1 duration
5.2 star rating
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