Features of Connected Speech

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Mind Map comprising the main Features of Connected Speech

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Features of Connected Speech
    1. Classical Linking
      1. Consonant + Vowel
        1. All of them
          1. Linking /r/
          2. Consonant + Consonant
            1. Any except affricates
              1. Holding: two plosives
                1. Lengthening: same fricatives or same nasals (except ng)
              2. Vowel + Vowel
                1. Intrusives /r/, /j/, /w/
              3. ASSIMILATION
                1. Depending on which characteristics forces the change
                  1. Place
                    1. Manner
                      1. Voice
                      2. Depending on which Consonant affects which
                        1. Yod Coalescence
                          1. Regressive
                            1. Progressive
                          2. ELISION
                            1. Consonant elision
                              1. Glottalisation /t/
                                1. /t/ or /d/ in Consonant Clusters followed by a consonant
                                  1. Complex Consonant Clusters
                                    1. Deletion of middle plosive
                                    2. Weak forms (of , and)
                                    3. Vowel elision
                                      1. Aspiration of initial /p/, /t/, /k/
                                        1. Loss of /ə/, /i/ /u/ + liquids or nasals
                                        2. COMPRESSION
                                          1. A sound is reduced causing the loss of a syllable
                                            1. Syllabic consonant changes to non-syllabic consonant
                                              1. i: to i; u: to u; ai to a, au to a.
                                                1. Weak vowels to semivowels
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