Development Dynamics

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Development Dynamics
  1. Indicators
    1. Corruption Index
      1. Life Expectancy
        1. Doctors GP
          1. GDP per capita
            1. Birth Rate
              1. Death Rate
                1. Fertility Rate
                2. Definition
                  1. life expectancy - average life expectancy of a country
                    1. Birth Rate - the number of live births per thousand of population per year.
                      1. Death Rate - The number of deaths per 1000 people, per year
                      2. Key Terms
                        1. Social Development
                          1. Political Development
                            1. Economic Development
                              1. Demographic Data
                                1. Human Development Index
                                  1. Poverty Line
                                  2. Population Structure
                                    1. Social Pyramid
                                    2. Social
                                      1. Traditional Society
                                        1. Economic
                                          1. Brandt Line - North and South divide between the rich and poor based on their GDP data
                                          2. Political
                                            1. Poor governance or corruption can slow or even reverse the development level of a country
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