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This mindmap of tele-training

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  1. Technology
    1. Screens
      1. Participants
        1. Participant's view Monitor
          1. Presenter's view
            1. Multiple Display Work Around
              1. Extra Laptops
              2. Controls
                1. TV control/Volume
                  1. ScreenShare Controls
                  2. Sound
                    1. Microphone Position
                      1. Speaker's Positions
                        1. Sound of videos presented onine
                          1. Avoid Reverberation from call in's
                          2. Camera
                            1. Set camera movement to adjust to presenter's view
                              1. seated/standing
                              2. Suport #'s
                              3. In person attendees
                                1. Presenter
                                  1. Physical Position
                                    1. Close to mic
                                      1. Visible to participants
                                      2. looking directly at camera
                                        1. Mindful of attendees using mute buttons
                                          1. Provide extra-time for participants to give input
                                            1. Use raise your hand strategies to observe participation
                                            2. Room
                                              1. Lighiting
                                                1. Lighting for presenter
                                                  1. Natural Light
                                                    1. WhiteBoard
                                                      1. Dark Markers
                                                        1. Visible Position
                                                          1. Adjust camera angle to adjust from presenter's to white board
                                                          2. Clear Clutter
                                                            1. Remove Potential Distraction
                                                              1. Post signs that trianing is in session
                                                              2. Pre-training
                                                                1. E-mail the packets
                                                                  1. Send pre/post surveys link
                                                                    1. Compass invitation
                                                                      1. Link to Videos
                                                                        1. Follow up with thank you and links
                                                                          1. Invite 20 minutes to log in
                                                                            1. Include tainer bio
                                                                            2. Presentation
                                                                              1. Ensure participants can work with nexus before the meeting
                                                                                1. Make participants confortable with the use of restooms
                                                                                  1. If a small group find out more about their location
                                                                                    1. Make sure to call participants by name and clarify pronunciation
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