Solid State Physics

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Solid State Physics
1 Structural Properties of Solids
1.1 Crystal Structures and inter atomic bonding
1.1.1 Importance of solid state matter
1.1.2 Crystalline material
1.1.3 Bravais Lattices Cubic Tetragonal Orthorhombic Hexagonal Monoclinic Triclinic Trigonal
1.1.4 Crystal Symmetry Symmetry Elements Centre of symmetry Plane of symmetry Axes of symmetry
1.1.5 Crystal Structures NaCl CsCl HCP Diamond Lattice Structure Zincblende Structure
1.1.6 Miller Indices Directions [u,v,w] notation Crystal Planes (h,k,l) notation Zone [u,v,w] notation
1.1.7 Reciprocal Space/Lattice
1.2 Diffraction methods and Crystal structure determination
1.2.1 X-Ray Diffraction methods Bragg's X-ray spectrometer Rotating Crystal method Powder method Applications
1.2.2 Electron Diffraction
1.2.3 Neutron Diffraction
1.2.4 Can Determine Lattice parameters Crystal Structures Symmetry elements
1.2.5 Bragg's Equation 2dSinθ=nλ
1.3 Lattice Vibrations and Phonons
1.3.1 Bonding in solids vander-waals Ionic Covalent Metalic Hydrogen
1.3.2 Model Inter-atomic potential
1.3.3 Cohesive energy of ionic crystals
1.3.4 Cohesive energy of vander-waals solids
2 Electrical Properties of solids
2.1 Models of Electrons in solids
2.1.1 Classical free electron theory of metals
2.1.2 Quantum free electron theory
2.1.3 Band theory of solids
2.1.4 Konig-Penny model
3 Thermal Properties of Solids


3.1 Classical Theory
3.2 Einstein's Theory


3.3 Debye Theory
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