Othello Characters

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Othello Characters
1 Desdemona
1.1 Noblewoman: Leaves only with the clothes on her back, stands up to her father in front of the entire senate, disobeys her father for love. Sophisticated, mannered and polish- proper education.Directness. Announces her decision with clarity of thought and honesty of intent. She has restraint and strength.Compassionate. Absolute faith in Othello gets tested. Innocence. openness
1.2 Young and Innocent: Stereotyped as pure and meek, shocks society when she defies her father and The society and elopes to Othello. Naive- interferes in her husband’s work. Determined (Cassio) and Self-possessed.
1.3 Strong-willed: married a moor, against her father’s wishes and knowledge. Betrays her father and Society. Not afraid. Quiet and brave. Hides her true self to her father.
1.4 Loyal Friend: Gives her word and keeps it, very persistent, or tenacious.
2 Emilia
2.1 Not afraid to speak up: very cynical, reveals her husband’s plot. Capable of speaking her mind Frankly and forthrightly (“Scurvy fellow”; “ Most villainous knave”
2.2 Servant: Desdemona- very loyal
2.3 Worldly, not innocent: “hussies in the bed”
2.4 Craves her husband’s love: at all extends, steals handkerchief and gives it to her husband
3 Iago
3.1 Irony: Sees the flaws/ weaknesses in others, but not his own- jealous, distrust, two-faced, Manipulative
3.2 Foul Language/ Filthy imagination: “He has also ridden my horse”, Obsessed with sexual acts
3.3 Egotist: he believes he deserves the position. Insecure.
3.4 A common Soldier (Ensign- Flag bearer): Jealous, ensures Cassio loses his position as Lieutenant
3.5 Manipulator/ Opportunist: Aesthetic delight in manipulation and destruction. Defying God. Use Roderigo to start a brawl, to get Cassio into trouble
3.6 Insecure: Obsessive, he imagines that Othello has slept with Emilia, no prove however. Also suspects Cassio. Paranoid, his soliloquies is evidences of his insecurities. Knows Othello is good! “a free and open nature”; “ a constant, loving, noble nature”
3.7 Disloyal: Plotting revenge. Makes Othello like and trust him. Knows Othello is a good husband Devious, evil, immortal. Capable of destroying anyone. Not straightforward. His reasons are after thoughts to the decision to act. Liar, betrayer, mental torturer, of Othello and Desdemona, murderer
3.8 Incapable of true love: “I’d rather be a baboon than kill myself over love”, he doesn’t understands the emotion, just lust. Wants women for sexual needs rather than emotional Bitter cynicism towards women. Treats Emilia with contempt.
4 Granziano and Ludovico
4.1 Civilised: Decency and good manners and rule of law Respected and dignity is awarded to all decent people.
5 Roberigo
5.1 Romantic/ sentimental lover: Buys Desdemona presents which Iago has to give to her, follows her Around the world. Kills for her. Love is his weakness… he is gullible (Iago). And silly (Desdemona)
5.2 Very Wealthy: Convinced that if he gives Iago all his money, Desdemona will love him.
5.3 Not as stupid as he seems: Stands up to Iago in the end
6 Brabanzio
6.1 Senator of Venice: Sophisticated, cultural Venetian.
6.2 Prejudiced: Calls Othello a thief and “sooty bosom”, accuses him of witch craft and bewitching his Daughter. Foreshadows the collapse of law and order. “Look to her Moor, if thou hast eyes to see. She has deceived her father, and may thee”
7 Cassio
7.1 Weakness: Alcohol cannot hold his drink, but he chooses to drink another cup. Allows Iago to give Him a solution “our General’s wife is now our general”
7.2 Friend to Desdemona: Always speaking politely of her. Ask her to help him. Was Desdemona and Othello’s messenger, before they eloped.
7.3 Loyal to Othello: Devoted to Othello-n ashamed about losing control, he knows he is to blame. Doesn’t’ speak up and defend himself because he is full of self pity because he let Othello down.
7.4 Promoted as Lieutenant: Young and inexperienced. Has the theory. Demoted because of brawl. Self-pity. Cannot find his own solution. Asks Iago for advice. Asks Desdemona to help him get Reinstated.
7.5 Popular with Women: Kisses Emilia and she doesn’t stop him. Bianca, his lover. Treats women with Excessive courtesy. His shallow, superficial intellect of his continually gets him into trouble. Matures and more together since recent events.
7.6 Young and Handsome: friendship with Desdemona is used to play on Othello’s insecurities about Desdemona’s infidelity. Sophisticated and stylish. His language tends to exaggeration.
7.7 Relationship with Bianca: Uses her to confirm his suspension of Iago
8 Othello
8.1 Insecure: Outcast, unworthy of Desdemona, new husband, Self-conscience, victimization, Falls for Iago’s trickery, believes that Desdemona is having affair with Cassio, over-heated imagination
8.2 His Language: Articulate in the begin, then deteriorates Othello’s language deteriorates into fragmented, hesitant, and incoherent syntax after he starts suspecting that Desdemona is faithful. Othello’s personality and language transforms from being gentle and sophisticated to crude impulsive through the influence of Iago
8.3 Nobleman- His conduct: Given chance to defend himself, then allows Desdemona to defend herself as well.Fairly-treated Man in charge. Self restraint in his manner and demeanour and in control of himself. When he does not act on Brabanzio’s abuse it shows he has courtesy and intergrity. Gullible, condemn his wife (‘damn herm lewd minx”with no real evidence. Acknowledges his defeat in the end and stands down.
8.4 The Lover/ Husband: First experience of love, middle-aged man, never experienced love before, can not cope with new found emotions,, doesn’t know how to be a husband,
8.5 The Cuckold- deceived husband, suspects she is cheating, however doesn’t confront her, yet his love for her is his undoing. Lacks dignity when he thinks Desdemona is unfaithful.
8.6 His fatal flaw: Jealous, (he really does not suffer from that until Iago plants seeds of doubt in his heart regarding Desdemona), hot-headed and passionate nature, excessive pride and reputation
8.7 The Murderer: Murders Desdemona- he suspects her of being unfaithful, also commits suicide.
8.8 The Moor: Outcast, only black man in an all white society. “Sooty Bosom”, “thick lips”, “Barbary Horse”
8.9 The General: well respected, reputation, tries to maintain a civilised behaviour among his soldiers accuses them of behaving like the enemy, will be obeyed, strong leader
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