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Junior Certificate School (English) Mind Map on Scout, created by Basem Osama on 07/11/2014.

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  1. Scout's Honour
    1. Fighting
      1. only solution
        1. Walter
          1. Dill
            1. Lynch Mob
            2. technique that works for her
              1. Quick Temper
              2. Atticus
                1. Stops That
                  1. manages to do so
                    1. Not to let him down
                      1. Feels Noble
                      2. Role Model
                        1. influences her
                      3. Learns
                        1. Moral Superiority Feels Good
                          1. Other reasons to not fight
                        2. Girls Rule
                          1. Aunt Alexandra
                            1. Make a proper girl
                              1. Give up all things Scout does
                                1. Get rid of the overalls
                              2. Scout
                                1. no interest
                                  1. Recognises that a lady has some value
                                    1. Takes pride in following her Lead
                                      1. Made a kind of peace with her gender
                                  2. Boo Radley
                                    1. At First
                                      1. Afraid
                                        1. Hangs Back
                                        2. Later
                                          1. Faces Real Threats
                                            1. Stops seeming scary
                                              1. Gets Familiar
                                                1. A neighbour
                                            2. Good Neighbour
                                              1. Effect
                                                1. Learned a lot
                                                  1. Understand Herself
                                                  2. put herself in his shoe
                                                    1. understand him better
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