THE CPU (and it's limiting factors)


A mind map on the CPU and a bit about how it is limited in a computer system.
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THE CPU (and it's limiting factors)
  1. Carries out the fetch execute cycle
    1. Uses electrical systems to direct the system to process instructions
      1. Standard process which describes the steps needed for processing
      2. Contains the arithmetic logic unit.
        1. Carries out arithmetic problems
        2. THE CACHE
          1. Fast memory which is located near the CPU
            1. It has electrical connections so the CPU can access frequently accessed data
              1. When the CPU requests and instruction, the remaining instructions are stored in the cache
                1. Has access times similar to CPU
                  1. Faster than Main Memory (RAM)
                    1. By checking the cache first, it reduces amount of time it takes to access data.
                  2. THE CLOCK CHIP
                    1. Number of cycles the fetch execute cycle goes through per second is determined by this/
                      1. Vibrates at a constant speed, measured in Hz
                        1. The CPU synchronizes all tasks to it.
                          1. CPU with a 3mhz clock speed would cycle round three million times per second.
                            1. Main memory cannot work at the same speed as the CPU, causing delays on locating and transmitting data
                          2. BUS SPEED
                            1. Speed in which data and control signals can travel around the system
                              1. Data and control signals move around the system on buses.
                                1. Buses are circuits that connects parts of the motherboard together.
                                2. Carries out all of the computer processing.
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