animal abuse

Martha Velazquez
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Martha Velazquez
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animal abuse
  1. counterargument
    1. animals are not equal to humans because they do not think or feel
    2. refutation
      1. All living beings have the right to live freely if they fear because they have no way of expressing and saying what they feel
      2. punishment for abuse
        1. attack someone's life
          1. torture and mistreat without meaning
            1. they kill and mutilate for unhealthy things like fight and fun
            2. they are living beings
              1. help the planet to complete its cycle
                1. we all have the right to live free and without fear
                  1. They can not defend
                  2. They have the right to life
                    1. They are beings that only give love to those who treat them well
                      1. we are all the same and we have the right to live
                        1. they are part of the planet and they are destroying it together with their living beings
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