Forming & Managing Teams


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Forming & Managing Teams
  1. MOst practical way to work collaboratively
    1. Project teams
      1. Small teams
        1. Proven model for achieving organisational objectives
          1. Team members:
            1. Take more ownership
              1. Are more accountable
                1. Work collaboratively
              2. End result is enhanced performance
              3. Teams get better results than individuals
              4. Project Characteristics
                1. Defined budget
                  1. Definite and finite budget
                  2. Resource Consuming
                    1. Consumes resources
                      1. HR, machines, capital equipment, finances, computer soft and hard ware, office space
                    2. Finite
                      1. Temporary with a definate start and end date
                      2. Unique
                        1. Unique purpose, budget, time scale
                      3. Team Characteristics
                        1. Small number of people committed to common purpose and goals
                          1. Collective responsibility
                          2. Characteristics
                            1. Small
                              1. Reason for teams to be small is so they can be:
                                1. Interactive & collaborative
                                  1. Easier to reach agreements
                                    1. Optimal size is 8-10
                                      1. If bigger, break up in sub-teams
                                  2. Complimentary Skills
                                    1. Common purpose
                                      1. Common goals
                                        1. Mutually accountable
                                          1. Achievement
                                        2. Consultant should nurture the following
                                          1. Trust between team members
                                            1. Collective spirit
                                              1. No one should feel excluded
                                              2. Recognise that a collective team effort gets better results than loosely bound individuals
                                                1. Open & effective comms
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