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Mind Map NATALONI Emma "The American dream an influential myth?"

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Mind Map NATALONI Emma
1 Why is the background reflect the definition of the American dream ? :
1.1 - Because the government of the American dream should protect each person's opportunity to pursue their own idea of happiness, then the choice of the quotation smart.
1.1.1 - We can also recognize the famous American flag.
2 - We can notice the title of the book, with the colors of the American flag.
2.1 - The stripes throughout the illustration reflects once again the colors of the American flag.
3 The dollar sign :
3.1 - It Represents the economic influence of the Unites Sates around the world.
3.1.1 - But, the American economy is not the only thing that influence the entire world : the development of their technology, but also their military power, their culture ... extends to the whole world.
3.2 - The United Sates economy is the mainstay of the global economy. Example : Wall Street crash in 1987.
3.3 - The dollar is the only currency capable of assuming the role of international currency.
4 Why the American Dream is a myth ? :
4.1 If we look at the Unites States nowadays, the American Dream changed :
4.1.1 - People who start from scratch can't climb the social ladder anymore, and then can't reach the American Dream.
4.1.2 - Donald Trump no longer accepts immigrants then the American Dream is not available to "everybody". Then, the representation of today's United States is well represented by the image at the top right: the richest (like Trump), govern the world leaving no place for the poorest. So, did the American dream really happen ?
4.1.3 - President Donald Trump does not give a good image of his country by making fun of other countries. So, the American dream is seen differently than what we used to see before.
4.1.4 - Donald Trump knows that he leads a very powerful country, then, he takes the opportunity to scare other countries, and thus changes the image of the American dream.
5 Why the American Dream is not a myth ? :
5.1 - Many people indeed made it to the top and got very rich and famous thanks to the American dream, in the past but also in the XXe century.
5.1.1 Examples: Andrew Carnegie (1835 -1919), John Davison Rockefeller (1939 - 1937), or Oprah Winfrey…
5.2 - Obviously they didn't reach the American Dream easily : they worked hard and were strong-willed to make their dreams come true.
5.2.1 You must work hard if you want to reach the American Dream. The image at the top left represents perfectly this idea.
5.3 - After the Second World War, the United States rebuilt itself easily while the other countries were completely destroyed. Thanks to their wealth and their jobs they attracted people coming from all over the world.

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