Computer Security Potential Flaws

Rob Speirs
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Rob Speirs
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Potential flaws found within the case study

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Computer Security Potential Flaws
1 Unlocked Server Room
1.1 File server and credit card information, database tapes stored here
1.2 Backed up on site within the same room as the database
1.2.1 Easy Access
2 No logon Authentication
2.1 All the database are available for staff and patients
3 Can be accessed via a virtual private network outside of the network
4 Web server and file server are on the same server
5 Location
5.1 Walney channel and basement - high risk of flooding
6 Open WiFi
6.1 Can connect to the database via this network
6.2 Network/internet access is open to everyone
6.3 Series of virus attacks
6.3.1 No Firewall
6.3.2 No Anti-Malware
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