Computer Security Potential Flaws

Rob Speirs
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Potential flaws found within the case study

Rob Speirs
Created by Rob Speirs 10 months ago
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Computer Security Potential Flaws
1 All the data in one place.
1.1 Single point of failure
2 Unlocked room.
2.1 Anyone can steal the server
3 In a basement, prone to flooding.
3.1 Water proofing
3.2 Ventilation
4 10 interfaces which can access everything.
4.1 All spread around the site
5 External Access.
5.1 need to have different security permissions for specific users
6 No WIFI Security.
6.1 Anybody can access it
7 No logon authentication.
7.1 Anyone can access any machine
8 doctors have wireless access
8.1 Phone could be stolen.
9 mangers can access through a VPN.
9.1 Another external access point
10 already suffered from virus attacks; stating may have poor antivirus
10.1 Data can be stolen, deleted and held to ransom
11 long periods of downtime.
11.1 Prevents people from working and accessing data
12 No CCTV
12.1 Anyone could walk in and access the computer network

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