Effects of Exercise on Social Health

Lucy Rantzen
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Lucy Rantzen
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Physical Education (PE) Mind Map on Effects of Exercise on Social Health, created by Lucy Rantzen on 01/21/2019.

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Effects of Exercise on Social Health
  1. Co-operation
    1. Many sports are played in teams and working in groups helps co-operation and teamwork skills. You can work with your teammates, encourage them to do well and work together for a common purpose
      1. Team members spend a lot of time together such as on tour or on training courses, so it is important you get on well with them
      2. Developing friendships and mixing socially
        1. You get to know new people and make new often long lasting friendships. Most sports offer mixing off the sports field at socials
        2. Gaining a good attitude to competing
          1. You learn to repect your opponent, making you manage relationships with others better
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