United Nations

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Diplomacy and Deterrence

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United Nations
1 Why was UN formed
1.1 There was a need for international relations and a forum for countries to discuss important issues
2 Aims of the UN
2.1 Maintain World Peace and Security
2.2 Cooperate internationally to solve international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems
2.3 Promote respect for human rights
3 Organisations under UN
3.1 General Assembly
3.1.1 Comprises of representatives of all member states
3.2 Security Council
3.2.1 Peace-keeping and end disputes
3.3 Secretariat
3.3.1 Carries out daily work and administration
3.4 International Court of Justice
3.4.1 Use international law to settle legal disputes and give advice on legal questions
3.5 Economic and Social Council
3.5.1 Coordinates the 14 UN agencies and is responsible for promoting higher standars of living, full employment, economic and social progress
3.6 Trusteeship Council
3.6.1 promote development of former colonies towards independence
4 How does SG benefit from being a member of UN?
4.1 Our territorial waters are protected
4.2 Potential enemies will think twice as we have the recognition and backing of world powers
5 How does SG contribute to UN?
5.1 UN Law of the Sea
5.1.1 Singapore influenced the decision of a country's territorial rights over its waters
5.2 Security Council
5.2.1 SG was elected as a non-permanent Security Council from 2001-2002 During this term, SG served as President of the Council. Being elected means member countries have confidence in SG
6 Failure of UN
6.1 Israeli-Lebanon border murders
6.1.1 On 7 October 2000, Hezbollah terrorists “disguised themselves as UN personnel, using uniforms and vehicles carrying the UNIFIL insignia,” and lured three Israeli soldiers in an army jeep to the Israel-Lebanon border. Then the terrorists ambushed them, bombing the jeep and shooting at the soldiers. Allegedly complicit real U.N. peacekeeping troops stood by and did nothing. The U.N., even at the highest levels, was most uncooperative in giving any helpful or truthful information about the incident.
7 Success of UN
7.1 The U.N. points to Cambodia as one of its successes, but its primary success was to facilitate a nation-wide free election after a new government replaced the Khmer Rouge.
8 Symbolism of UN logo
8.1 World Peace (olive branches represent peace, globe represents people)
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