Y2C - Week 3

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Y2C - Week 3
  1. Friday
    1. 16:00 - Circle Time
      1. Morning Message:
      2. 16:15 (Science): ONGOING Independent Seatwork LM7 The Cicle of Life
        1. 17:00 Modelling/Centers -
          1. 1. (T. Amandinha) - ONGOING Individually kids start in their notebook their templates from the alphabet book
            1. Think about an audio book with each student chanting his/her page
            2. 2. Math book page 24 - use beads to make patterns
              1. 3. (T. Nati) Unfinished Spelling
                1. 4. Based on our library books about animals life cycle the groups will choose one and draw in a chart
                2. 18:15' (ELA): DAY 9 Seat the students in a circle and show them the book A My Name is Alice and explain that the pattern was based on a jump-rope rhyme that the author used to create her alphabet book.
                  1. Play with kids the jump-rope rhyme pattern
                3. Monday
                  1. 16:00 - Circle Time
                    1. Morning Message: focus on the words: monday, students, today, girls, there, absent
                    2. 16:20 - 17:00 Arts Class
                      1. 17:10 (Math): Game: give an animal name for each kid. Then, create patters with animals.
                        1. Group Work: MB page 22
                        2. 17:45: ELA - DAY 7 - Revisit the book "A, My Name is Alice"
                          1. ONGOING (Write questions about the book on a piece of paper. Fold them and put them in the jar. Divide the kids into groups and each group will be responsable to answer their question. (10' discussion/ 10' presentation)
                            1. Questions: What do you notice about the organization of this book? • Can you figure out the pattern that each page follows? • What is different about each page? • What do you notice about the illustrations? What purpose do you think they serve? • What is your favorite page and why?
                        3. Tuesday
                          1. 16- Circle Time
                            1. Morning Message: It is Wednesday. We can count the boys and girls. There are ___ boys at school today. There are ___ girls at school today. There are ___ students absent today. (focus on the words can and count
                            2. 16:15 (ELA): Introduce ALLITERATION. Write a chart template and as a class brainstorm ideas to complete the pattern witth the same lettter.
                              1. TEMPLATE: ___ my name is _______________. My best friend's name is _______________. We live in _______________. And we sell _______________.
                                1. Alliteration Game: Put in a plastic bag their names written on a piece of paper, and in another one adjectives with the same sound. They have to match names and adjectives with the same sound.
                                2. 17:00 Math: Divide the class into groups and give them math worksheets
                                  1. LM3 - Attribute Block Figures
                                    1. LM4 - Attribute Block Figures
                                    2. 17:50 - 18:30 Music
                                    3. Wednesday
                                      1. 17:00 Modelling/Centers:
                                        1. 1. ELA Notebook: What is alliteration? Write with your own word.
                                          1. 2. (T. Nati) - Spelling ONGOING
                                            1. 3. Math: LM6 Attribute Block Figures
                                              1. 4. (T. Amandinha) - H.F.W.
                                              2. 16:15 (Science): Lesson 2 Family and Animal Life Cycle. Crumble the words "Life Cycle" and ask kids to help you to unscrumble.
                                                1. ONGOING D.: Show the science poster Circle of Life. Identify which stage they are at. Encourage them to classify the stages of life of their family members
                                                  1. Ask them about animal changes and how they are related
                                                2. 16' - Circle Time
                                                  1. Morning Message: It is Wednesday. We can count the boys and girls at school today. We can read and write about our community.
                                                    1. focus on WE, CAN, AND, AT. Add to the word wall
                                                  2. 18:15 Math: Review Activities
                                                  3. Thursday
                                                    1. 16:00 Circle Time
                                                      1. Morning Message: use the name jar to select student names and chant Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
                                                      2. 17:00 - ELA - Whole Group: Tell students they will create their own Classroom Community Alphabet Book.
                                                        1. Brainstorm a list of the characteristics of alphabet books
                                                          1. TEMPLATE: ___ my name is (student). I am (adjective beginning with same letter). I like to eat __________. I like to (action beginning with same letter).
                                                            1. Help kids creating together a Brainstorming Web (foods, actions, adjectives, etc.)
                                                        2. 16:15 (Math): ONGOING C.M.: book page 23 (use the beads to make patterns
                                                          1. 18:15 - (Math): Finish page 23
                                                          2. I am done 1: Unfinish and review activities
                                                            1. 2: Play Science memory Game
                                                              1. 3: Create alliterations with the alphabet
                                                                1. 4: Read to a friends the Science Book The Perfect Pet very slowly, very quickly
                                                                  1. 5: Create patterns with playdough
                                                                  2. Y2 - WEEK 11/02 - 15/02
                                                                    1. Math - Unit 1 Sorting and Patterning ELA - Building a classroom community Science - Uni1 Animal Grow
                                                                      1. HOMEWORK:
                                                                        1. Monday: E.L.A. - Names Worksheet
                                                                          1. Tuesday: Math - Patterns Worksheet
                                                                            1. Wednesday: Science - LM6 Worksheet
                                                                              1. Thursday: Math -LM9 (Bracelet Patterns)
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