training in e-learning environements

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training in e-learning environements
1 The growth of learning technologies
1.1 web-based instruction
1.2 online learning
1.3 e-learning
2 philosophical changes in learning
2.1 pedagogical versus andragogical models and approaches
2.2 objectivism versus constructivism
2.3 fixed versus flexible
2.4 teacher versus coach
3 traditional role of the workplace trainer
3.1 web based learning
3.1.1 various resources on information
3.1.2 multimedia
3.1.3 hypermedia
3.1.4 asynchronous/sunchronous
3.1.5 time sace-free networked
3.1.6 building knowledge
3.2 traditional learning
4 e-trainer roles
4.1 according to Rossett and Sheldon 2001
4.2 according to Williams 2000
4.3 according to Piscurich and Sanders 1998
5 e-trainer competences
5.1 general competences
5.2 management competencies
5.3 distribution method competencies
5.4 presentation method competencies
6 developing e-trainer skills
6.1 an opportunity for adressing cources
6.2 distance learning technology and its affect on learners
6.3 availability of administrative and sapport services
6.4 fundamental of an assistastance with course developement and adaptation
6.5 techniques for encouraging interaction
6.6 developement of backup and contigency plans
6.7 how distance instraction ties in with the institutional mission
6.8 copyright and other policy issues
7 the role of e-learning for people with ADHD
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