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Mapa mental para clase de inglés.

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Jenifer Jones
1.1 California
1.1.1 Los Angeles famous people thousands of tourists
2 Their parents
2.1 Father
2.1.1 Peter Jones He has 56 years old Work for a movie studio graphic designer tall Is thin and athletic Has blue eyes Light brown hair Beautiful smile Patient, responsible and friendly
2.2 Two brothers
2.2.1 Aaron Jones He has 25 years old tall Goes to medical school hazel eyes athletic plays baseball has short blond hair Like to swim and watch T.V. impatient is a college student UCLA Inteligent and happy
2.2.2 Jeremy Jones He has 23 years old Is college student Alabama State University He is shorter than Aaron His green eyes Has brown hair Athletic Play football outgoin, friendly, very creativae
2.3 one sister
2.3.1 Isabela Jones She has 17 years old she is a high school student Plans to study architectura al New York University is shorter Has blond hair blue eyes practices sports organized, responsible, beautiful very impatient
2.4 Mother
2.4.1 Carol Jones She has 49 years old Works as a school teacher tall Is a physical education teacher Practices karate has blond hair green eyes beautiful teeth
3 She is youngest child of the house
3.1 Has 14 years old
3.2 is student in high school
3.3 short
3.4 friendly
3.5 relaxed and messy

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