Lewis Structure

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Lewis Structure
1 A 2-dimensional model
1.1 Straight Lines=covalent bonds
1.2 unbonded valence electrons=dots
2 Bonding Pairs=bonds are formed by pairs of valence electrons in a space between two atoms
3 Lone Pairs: Pairs of electrons that are attracted to only on atom
4 Atoms are most stable when their outer most electron shells are filled.
4.1 Exceptions: Hydrogen can only hold two electrons. Elements in the third row of the periodic table and below often have more than eight valence electrons
5 Sidenotes
5.1 Model: anything that represents something else physical or conceptual
5.2 The only thing connecting two atoms together in a chemical bond is a bunch of electrons-> they are in constant motion
5.3 1916 Gilbert Newton Lewis Described covalent bonds as 2 atoms sharing electrons
6 Process
6.1 1. Figure out how many valence electrons are in each atom. Hydrogen has 1 valence electron. Oxygen has 6 valence electrons.
6.1.1 2. Multiply the number of valence electrons by the number of atoms. H=1 valence electron per atom x 2 atoms = 2 electrons. O= 6 valence electrons x 1 atom = 6 electrons 3. Layout the molecules and create the bond Types of Bonds Double Bond: Bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared by a pair of atoms (=) Triple Bond: bond in which three pairs of electrons are shared by a pair of atoms
6.2 H20
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