The Feudal System

Archie Michell
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Archie Michell
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The Feudal System
  1. The Feudal System helped Kings to reward and pay barons for there work.
    1. The order of land issued by the Feudal System
      1. King
        1. Kings would give barrons large plots of land for providing an army
          1. Barons
            1. Barons would give knights small plots of land for there service
              1. Knights
                1. Knights would give very small or none land to Peasants for there produce
      2. The Feudal System could be seen as a currency
        1. Land was taken away for Barrans if they stoped work
          1. When a Baron died his relatives had 2 options.
            1. Option 1: Give the land back to the king
              1. Option 2: Pay Inheritance Tax
                1. Usually £100
                  1. Sometimes more
            2. Monitering the land was difficult until the Domesday Book was introduced
              1. Barons received different amounts of land from each other
                1. Did the king like them?
                  1. How big was there army
                  2. Other important people could also inherit land
                    1. Priest
                      1. Lords
                        1. Bishops
                          1. King's Assistants
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