Theravada and Mahayana Buddism

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Theravada and Mahayana Buddism
1 Theravada
1.1 Goes back to early days of Sangha
1.1.1 One of more traditional forms
1.2 Life as a monk best way to practice
1.2.1 Wear saffron robes
1.2.2 Most boys train as monks
1.3 Mostly practiced in Sri Lanka and south east Asia
2 Mahayana
2.1 Spread to China and Japan
2.1.1 Encourages Buddism to all, not just monks
2.2 Pure land
2.2.1 Based on devotion to Amida Buddha
2.2.2 Chant to keep their minds aware of Buddha If they do this they will be released from their troubles in to pure "Buddah land"
2.3 Nipponzan Myohoji
2.3.1 Modern Japanese Buddhist movement focused on promoting peace They build Peace Pagodas all over the world
2.4 Zen
2.4.1 Largely Japanese, focuses on benefits of meditation Control and focus practiced constantly
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