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1 Key definitions
1.1 Amplitude: max displacement from equilib position
1.2 Period: time for one complete oscillation
1.3 Phase difference: fraction of an oscillation between the vibrations of two oscillating particles.
1.4 Angular frequency: the rate of change of an angle expressed in radians per second.
2 Requirements of SHM
2.1 A mass that oscillates
2.2 A position where the mass is in equilibrium
2.3 A restoring force that acts to return the mass to its original position, where f is proportional to x.
3 Simple Harmonic Motion: when -acceleration of a body is proportional to its displacement from the equilib position, when they are both directed towards the equilib position.
4 Damped oscillations: when the ampliude of an oscillation descrease as friction transfers its energy to its surroundings.
5 Resonance: force mostion of an oscillator, characterised by maximum amplitude when forcing frequency is equal to the natural frequency
5.1 A system in resonance :
5.1.1 Has a natural frequency to that of the driver
5.1.2 Amplitude is max
5.1.3 Absorbs greatest possible energy from the driver.
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