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    1. Pharmaceuticals
      1. Paediatric Care
        1. World Health
          1. Traditional Medicine
            1. The ageing population
              1. NHS Privatisation
                1. History
                  1. Modern Medicine
                  2. HUMAN BIOLOGY - What can I explore?
                    1. The Heart/ Cardiology
                      1. Infections/Diseases
                        1. Homeostasis
                          1. Evolution
                            1. The Brain
                            2. ETHICS
                              1. Abortion
                                1. Should it be legal to have an abortion?
                                  1. Whose right is to choose if an individual should have an abortion?
                                    1. Does the unborn child have a right to life?
                                    2. Creationism Vs Evolution
                                      1. Should there be a choice between what is taught in schools on this aspect?
                                        1. Is there evidence to prove that one is more possible than the other?
                                        2. Population Control
                                          1. Is there ethical an division on how people feel about the use of these methods?
                                          2. Forced Marriage
                                            1. Why do some cultures believe this is a good choice?
                                            2. Euthanasia
                                              1. Should it be legal in the UK?
                                                1. Should there be an age limit to who can commit euthanasia?
                                                2. Human Rights - Equality
                                                  1. Should gender equality introduced to all countries?
                                                    1. Does slavery still exist?
                                                    2. Racism
                                                      1. Is it racism when people from the same race use racist language to each other?
                                                    3. CULTURE
                                                      1. Marriage
                                                        1. Is True Love real?
                                                          1. Why do different cultures treat marriage differently?
                                                          2. Education
                                                            1. Is what we get taught actually useful latter on in life?
                                                            2. Religion
                                                              1. Is there a one true religion?
                                                                1. Why does 'religion' exist?
                                                                2. Traditional Vs Modern
                                                                  1. Why are some people stereotypical about modern culture?
                                                                  2. International Cinema
                                                                    1. Why don't all international cinema get equal advertisement?
                                                                      1. Do movies portray a true message?
                                                                        1. Why is piracy bad and why is it still a problem?
                                                                        2. Language
                                                                          1. How does language form?
                                                                            1. How many languages should a person know, and what would their first language truly be - what they spoke first or which they know more fluently?
                                                                            2. History
                                                                              1. Can mythology be real?
                                                                                1. Is there a lack of knowledge in young people today about ancient history, and why?
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