4 Dumas

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4 Dumas
1 1st Duma
1.1 April-July 1906
1.2 debated matter such as whether the Poles should self rule
1.3 Most important discussion about land distrubution
1.3.1 government said compulsory redistribution was not an option
1.4 Duma made its own solution to the rural crisis
1.4.1 Nicholas deemed this illegal and disbanded the Duma
2 2nd Duma
2.1 Composition and feeling greatly affected by Stolypin
2.2 Decline in representation of Kadets and Labourists, but increase from Social Democrats, Socialist Revolutionaries, Octoberists and the far right
2.3 Nicholas and Stolypin continued to show mistrust towards the Duma
2.4 Tsarist supporters demanded that the Duma should be disbanded
2.4.1 achieved by framing a social democrat member of the Duma making it appear as if he was arranging a mutiny of soldiers
2.5 February-June 1907
3 3rd Duma
3.1 November 1907-June 1912
3.2 Made up of mostly people loyal to the tsar
3.2.1 Reduction of nationalist members from non-Russian parts
3.3 major reforms made strengthening the navy and army
3.4 Judicial system improved
3.4.1 justices of peace and abolition of land captains
3.5 state-run insurance schemes for workers introduced
3.6 Nicholas trusted lower chamber more, Duma served a full term in office
3.6.1 Stolypin attempted to destabilise Duma
4 4th Duma
4.1 November 1912-February 1917
4.2 dominated by members of the far right
4.3 state police killing of striking miners angered Duma
4.4 Guchkov, leader of moderate Octobrists, warned tsar that Russian people had become revolutionised by government
4.5 4th Duma infamous for pressuring tsar to abdicate and became backbone for provisional government
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