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Planeación de la Investigación Documental
OCR AS Biology
Sociological Research Methods
Martin Maldonado
La historia de Israel
Km Jáquez
Luisa María Argáez Castillo
Rocio RIOS
1 concept of consciousness: the same origin that is aware of it as the knowledge that a being has a of himself and is environment. it can also refer to the moral wing or normal reception of the stimuli of the interior and exterior by the organism as consciousness is defined the knowledge that an individual has of his thoughts, his feelings and his actions. conscience is the ability of human beings to recognize themselves, to have knowledge and perception of their own existence and environment.
2 what I understand: understood that consciousness is about ourselves and about what surrounds us in our knowledge, everything we think, what happens to us, what is inside us, our feelings, how is each person, the conscience is the knowledge that each individual has of his thoughts, because each person knows how he is, how he is and what feelings he has in mind, sometimes they hurt our feelings and we are not well inside.
3 what is activated in my brian? my brain activates many things, among these things my feelings, thoughts and actions are activated, I have become more aware of things, I reflect on life and everything that will happen if the world does not change, because the human mind experiences its own consciousness from which our impulses, feelings and thoughts pass and what this cause cause me: a lot of sadness and disappointment of the country and also to the humans who do this kind of thing and of course I also it is scary, also to our physical actions we tend to think that it exercises some control them " for a long time we have thought that the consciencee solves problems and has many moving parts but it is much more basic and static, the theory of morsella published in the journal behavioral and brain sciences says that it goes against our daily way of transmitting information that serves to control the "voluntary" action to direct the movements oriented to objectives that involve to our syst
4 that is about the concept of conscience: I know it is very helpful for us, but sometimes we do not understand or we do not reason we must create or use conscience, our conscience is very important for us to think better, see and understan things find the solution to our poblems.
4.1 my concept about conscience: for my conscience is our min, where there is consciousness is our existence. is what allows us to know and help to do the things, of the goo and bat that we do if we do goodd and bad actions will remain in our conscience an in our mind. all socialprodution, previos historical experience, reality is assimilated ideally by what one has gone through in life.
5 what does it mean to apply the conscience in everyay life? I believe that we always apply it because it is a great help for us the conscience is the capacity that allows us to have experiences. there where our conscience is going to be our existence, that people recongnize their ambits and routines that learn by themselves ientifying the conditions for their potential development, consciousness implies attention, install knowledge and experiences, consumption, etc., as part for a collaborative an creative process

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