make up sentences to describe yourself (using to be in present / past)
Svetlana Kravchenko
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Svetlana Kravchenko
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  1. birth
    1. data
      1. place
        1. I was born in Kazakhstan
        2. school
          1. my favorite subject
            1. My favourite subject was German
            2. my first teacher
            3. job
              1. position
                1. I am Head of Department
              2. age
                1. I am in my 40s
                2. personal qualities
                  1. positive
                    1. I am responsible
                    2. negative
                      1. I am a workaholic
                    3. appearance
                      1. build
                        1. height
                          1. I'm not tall.
                          2. general looking
                          3. feelings
                            1. at work
                              1. I am tired
                              2. at home
                                1. I am happy
                              3. nationality
                                1. place of birth
                                  1. I'm originally from Kazakhstan
                                  2. country
                                    1. I 'm from Russia
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