Networks and Communication Part B

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A-Level A2- ICT (Chapter 3- Networks and Communications) Mind Map on Networks and Communication Part B, created by Callum Douglas on 11/27/2014.

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Networks and Communication Part B
1 Internet
1.1 This is not the same as the WWW. The internet is the infrastructure to connect computers together across the world using external communication hardware
1.2 It uses the TCP/IP protocol for communication between devices
1.3 Once people are connected they can send emails, instant message, access the WWW and transfer files
1.3.1 Dedicated software is needed to use these services
2 Intranet
2.1 This provides the same services as the internet but it can be used only by those in the organisation, they will also most likely need a username and password
2.1.1 This intranet may be provided through as LAN or a virtual network within a WAN, only the computers part of the LAN or virtual network can gain access.
2.1.2 Uses the same TCP/IP protocol as the internet
2.2 It still has the same services such as e-mail, web pages, chat, file transfer but all internally
2.3 Software is still required
2.4 Means that users can safely transfer information without worrying about anyone outside the organisation. Meaning that the confidential information stays confidential
3 Extranet
3.1 The users of this have access to the internet services of the organisation
3.2 They can gain access by logging onto a secure server from a web page or some will provide secure software that the user can use
3.3 Only available for communication within the organisation, yet the employees can gain access from any internet connected device
3.3.1 This is useful for those who want to access the companies system and intranet, so that they can send an email when they are working away from the office
3.3.2 One disadvantage is that the extranet can be hacked as it is available from any internet connected computer
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