Mrs Darwin - Duffy

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A mindmap analysing Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'Mrs Darwin'. Part of the WJEC AS-level English Literature syllabus.

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Mrs Darwin - Duffy
1 NOTE: Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution in 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection' in 1859.


  • The date of the poem is 1852.
1.1 Duffy is making a political point. The possibility that Mrs Darwin came up with the idea, but didn't get credited as she was a woman in a time where female scientists weren't respected.
2 "reminds". Tech: Verb.
2.1 Mrs Darwin sees a similariy between her husband and the chimpanzee they see at the zoo.
3 "Him" and "Chimpanzee" are both capitalised.
3.1 This could be to draw on the similarity that Mrs Darwin states is present.
3.2 Could also be a link to the theory of evolution, as humans evolved from apes.
4 "Him". Tech: Pronoun.
4.1 Mrs Darwin doesn't refer to her husband by name, which could be deliberately disrespectful.
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