Stage 3 of Public Schools 'Cult of Athleticism' '1842-1914

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Mind Map on Stage 3 of Public Schools 'Cult of Athleticism' '1842-1914, created by Sami Shmoo Rose on 11/27/2014.

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Stage 3 of Public Schools 'Cult of Athleticism' '1842-1914
  1. Coaching
    1. Masters expected to get involved
      1. Older Boys
        1. Professionals
        2. Codification
          1. Official rules being set
            1. Eg football 1848 Cambridge rules
          2. Administration
            1. Sport is a Compulsory part of the curriculum
              1. Games Comittes set up by boys to organise sport
                1. Sports days as major festivals
                  1. Groundsmen employed to develop pitches
                  2. Regularity
                    1. Sport is part of the curriculum
                      1. Standards of play increased
                        1. Clarendon report praises for school for using sport
                          1. Development of pitches and kits
                            1. Craze for team games
                              1. Source of pride
                                1. CULT
                                2. Respectability
                                  1. Fit for British Empire
                                    1. Rule Britannia
                                      1. Military Drills
                                      2. Promotion of morality and sportsmanship
                                        1. CULT
                                        2. Universities
                                          1. Oxbridge popular destination for students
                                            1. Source of rules
                                              1. Varsity Matches
                                              2. Graduates spread sport through careers
                                              3. Girls Delay
                                                1. Modesty regarding clothes
                                                  1. Girls lacked emphasis
                                                    1. Seen as weaker
                                                      1. 'medically unable'
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