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1 Karma
1.1 My suffering is due to my sinful actions
1.1.1 this could be in this life or my last life
1.2 Karma : the law of cause and effect
1.3 It is important to have good karma
1.3.1 This is will help reduce suffering
1.3.2 because it will help people gain release from the cycle of birth, death and re-birth
2 Good Karma and Bad Karma
2.1 Good Karma
2.1.1 Putting money in a church collection plate and coming home to find some money you had forgotten you had
2.1.2 In the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast," the PRINCE does not show kindness to a poor old woman. The woman is a witch in disguise and turns the prince into a beast.
2.2 Bad Karma
2.2.1 A greedy businessman cheats people, lies on his taxes, and engages in insider trading. He gets caught, goes to jail, and loses all his wealth.
2.2.2 A PERSON makes fun of elderly people who have to get around using scooters. Later in life, that person develops very bad arthritis and is confined to a scooter.
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