Gypsy Mixture - Richard Alston

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Notes on Richard Alston's piece Gypsy Mixture (2004)

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Gypsy Mixture - Richard Alston
  1. Opening Section
    1. Music
      1. Originally from Romania and Eastern European countries
        1. Remixed by Western DJs to make it dance music
        2. Rhythmic
          1. Village chatter at the beginning
            1. Introduces community idea
          2. Motifs
            1. Motif 1
              1. Travelling to the side with small ball-change steps, left arm coming from the side of the body at a right angle, forearm pointing down. The body rises and falls with each step and the body is leaned away from the direction of movement.
                1. Movement directly corrallates with the music's underlying beat
                  1. Represents travelling from place to place
                2. Motif 2
                  1. The body swings down to a crouch position on the floor and swings back up to stand up with the left heel on the floor crossed infront of the right foot and the right arm curved low infront of the torso, left arm extending diagonally up to the side. The arms then drop causing the body to swing into a crouch again and stand up this time with the right heel on the floor and right arm extended upwards. The whole motif is carried by a pendulum momentum created by the swinging down of the arms and body
                    1. This motif is performed in direct corrallation with a trumpet riff in the music and the intensity of the music is reflected through the movement
                      1. Represents dance from different cultures picked up on their travels
                    2. Motif 3
                      1. The dancers step back into a wide 4th position with the right leg whilst slowly circling the right arm back over the head and opening the body towards it. This is then repeated on the left then the right again before stepping into a lungeto the side facing downstage right and the right arm hooks to make a right angle from shoulder to elbow then elbow to hand. The steps backwards are very slow and have a feeling of suspension in them.
                        1. A trumpet riff cuts over the music and slows down the pace of the movement to create contrast
                    3. Ideas/what happens
                      1. The "Wheeler-Dealer" enters to set the scene and dances a short solo before summoning the "rest of the village" to come
                        1. Then rest of travelers enter and perform a unison phrase to show a sense of community
                          1. The dancers change formation to show that their characters are moving from place to place
                            1. There is then a short duet by a couple called the clarinet couple
                              1. Then all the villagers enter again from the back and dance in unison again
                                1. This section then ends with the wheeler-dealer alone on stage performing another short solo
                          2. Celebration
                        2. Drumming Section
                          1. Music
                            1. Features heavy percussion
                              1. Voice yells "Hiy-ya!" about a third of the way through
                                1. Only gypsy element of this piece of music
                                2. Mixed my DJs to contrast traditional and modern music
                                  1. Shows the changing of time
                                3. Ideas/what happens
                                  1. Motifs
                                  2. Tribes Section
                                    1. Music
                                      1. Mixed by DJs in France
                                        1. Starts bright but becomes a dense, scary sound by the end
                                        2. Ideas/what happens
                                          1. Explores many styles of dance picked up on the traveler's journey's across the world
                                            1. The travelers are being driven out of where they have come to
                                              1. Starts with a solo that explores multiple cultural elements
                                                1. Then there is a sharp duet by the "leaders"
                                                  1. Then everyone enters and the women are on one side and men on the other and the movement is a call and response phrase
                                                    1. Next the dancers perform a unison phrase that the whole company perform
                                            2. Themes
                                              1. Community
                                                1. Being rejected by society
                                                  1. Travelling
                                                    1. Different cultures
                                                      1. Journey
                                                      2. Costume
                                                        1. Lighting
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