Improving writing skills using ICT’s

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Improving writing skills using ICT’s
  1. Where
    1. Technology is seen as a complement of learning
      1. Either
        1. Computer-assisted Language Learning
          1. Mobile-Assited Language Learning
            1. Allow
              1. Students to practice outside the classroom
              2. Such as
                1. Roble's study of the development of writing skills
                  1. Where
                    1. A combination of SFL and GPA with the use of podcast show improvements in the quality of text production
        2. Responds
          1. A way to cope with the new communicational tendencies
            1. Where
              1. Students show mastery of technology but multitasking detracts their writing composition
            2. The demanding workforce world
              1. Where
                1. Technology seems to improve cognitive skills
                  1. Being developed by
                    1. Microblogging
                      1. Realized as
                        1. A different approach to writing, thereby, a new strategy
                          1. Where
                            1. Cognitive engagement is deeper
                          2. Being suitable for the needs of today's learners
              2. Evidences
                1. Defined tools that have been specifically designed to learn languages.
                  1. Where
                    1. Mobile-based tools assist beginner and intermediate learners.
                      1. Including
                        1. Translation into source and target languages.
                          1. Descriptions of grammatical categories
                          2. Provide
                            1. Easy access and learning on the go.
                              1. Such as
                                1. A Korean Mobile app
                                  1. Considers
                                    1. The errors of the learners as an opportunity to tackle the most common mistakes
                    2. Considers
                      1. • The constant redefinition of literacies by technologies.
                        1. Where
                          1. maintaining the learner’s interest and excitement is key
                            1. Improving
                              1. Engagement
                                1. Problem-solving
                                  1. Connection to an audience
                                  2. Through
                                    1. Videogames such as Facebook’s Mafia Worlds
                                      1. Where
                                        1. Learners show to approach writing with the same motivation to games and school assignments if the assignments follow the same operation to games
                                          1. Including
                                            1. Writing for short periods of time
                                              1. Gradually add complexity
                                                1. Promoting spaces of problem-solving
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