Phrasal Verbs

Tiarne Bodey
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Mind Map on Phrasal Verbs, created by Tiarne Bodey on 08/22/2013.

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Tiarne Bodey
Created by Tiarne Bodey about 6 years ago
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Phrasal Verbs
1 Is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb
1.1 Intransitive
1.1.1 No object I give up
1.2 Transitive
1.2.1 Has an object Inseparable Cannot take an object into the sentence Ran into, get on, drive off NOT, Ran friend into or get the on or drive road off Seperable An object can be placed inbetween "Turn" the music "down" If a verb is followed by 2 prepositions (an adverb) they will ALWAYS be inseparable phrasal verbs

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