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Language Features
1.1 Facts
1.1.1 Things that are true
1.2 Opinions
1.2.1 Somebodies view on a subject
1.3 Rhetorical Questions
1.3.1 Asked for effect not an answer
1.4 Emotive Language/Exagertation
1.5 Statistics
1.5.1 Eg 10% of all children are obese
1.6 Triadic Structure
1.6.1 Beutiful,Tranquil,Loving
1.7 Repitition
1.7.1 Repetions the same thing or point multiple time
1.8 Alliteration
1.8.1 Repitition of the same sound
1.9 Personal pronouns
1.9.1 I/YOU
2 Sentence Types
2.1 Minor
2.1.1 Has three words or less I ran quickly I was petrified
2.2 Complex
2.2.1 With a main and a sub clause that doesnt make sence by itself Gary, a part-time sales assistant, waltzed down the street to TK maxx
2.3 Compound
2.3.1 Two simple sentences joined togther with a connective It was dark and i was petrified
2.4 Simple
2.4.1 Only subject and one verb I skiped along the street
2.5 List
2.5.1 Sentences which include a list Today i am going to get: cheese, ham, lemons and milk
3 Descripitive Feature
3.1 Similes
3.1.1 Say somethings LIKE something As cold as ice Black as coal
3.2 Metaphors
3.3 Hyperbole(exagertaion)
3.4 Types of worda
3.4.1 Nouns Name or object Shirley Cow
3.4.2 Adjectives Descriptive words Old Weak
3.4.3 Senses
3.5 Annecdote
3.5.1 Short story
3.6 Pathetic Fallacy
3.6.1 Weather relates/foreshadows future events Thunder storm=Negative
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