Influences on Marketing Objectives

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Internal and External factors likely to affect the marketing objectives

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Influences on Marketing Objectives
1 Corporate Objectives
1.1 Marketing objectives must not be in conflict with corporate objectives
2 Finance
2.1 Availability of finance will directly affect the scope and scale of marketing activies
3 Human Resources
3.1 Staff motivation impacts on customer service and also the skill levels of staff can enhance/limit what the dept can achieve
4 Operations
4.1 Capacity, productivity and quality all impact on marketing
5 Economy
5.1 Affects demand
6 Competitors
6.1 Competitor responses can impact on success of meeting objectives
7 Technological Change
7.1 This could shorten product lifecycles or create opportunities for innovation
8 Social Political Change
8.1 Legislation and change in attitudes in society will have an impact on markets
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