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  1. It is started in 60's & 70's as a relation against the Grammar Translation Method
    1. Communication is the aim of Language Learning
      1. Aims
        1. Make communicative competence the goal of language teaching
          1. Develop procedure for the teaching of the four language skills
          2. Characteristics
            1. An emphasis on learning to communicate things interaction in the target language
              1. The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation
                1. Active role of students in their learning by experiencing
                  1. An attempt to link classroom language learning with language activation outside the classroom
                  2. Disadvantages
                    1. It pays insufficient attention to the context in which teaching & learning take pleace
                      1. It is difficult for the teacher alone to check the use of language especially in big class
                        1. Teacher need to prepare material at home & needs to make it as interesting and motivating as possible for students
                        2. Advantages
                          1. It seeks to personalize & localize language & adapt it to interests of students
                            1. Meaningful language is more easily retained by learners
                            2. Use authentic resources and that is more interesting & motivating for students
                              1. Students acquire Grammar rules as a necessity to speak so is more proficient & efficient
                              2. New syllabuses designed in terms of usefulness for practical purposes
                                1. Student oriented approaches
                                  1. Based on student needs and interests
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