Thailand mind map

Arthur Trotter
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Arthur Trotter
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Mind map with lots of facts on Thailand's culture food etc.

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Thailand mind map
  1. Climate
    1. Tropical
      1. High humidity
        1. Three seasons
          1. cool season
            1. rainy season
              1. Hot season
              2. Warm
              3. Culture
                1. Strong Indian Influences
                  1. Chinese Traditions
                    1. Elements that are uniquely Thai
                      1. Influenced by Burmese Culture
                      2. Foods
                        1. Curry
                          1. Soup
                            1. Noodles
                              1. Rice
                                1. Chow mein
                                  1. Fruit
                                    1. Vegetables
                                    2. Festivals
                                      1. Water festival (songkran)
                                        1. Ghost Festival (Phi Ta Khon)
                                          1. Lantern Festival (Yi Peng)
                                            1. Rocket Festival (Boon bang Fai)
                                              1. Buffalo Racing Festival (Wing Kwai)
                                                1. Wonderfruit Music and arts festival
                                                  1. Vagetarian festival
                                                    1. Candle festival
                                                      1. Chinese new year
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