Financial Statements

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Financial Statements
1 Financial Position: Balance sheet
1.1 Assets/Liabilities/Shareholders' equity
1.1.1 Assets Liabilities Payable/Unearned Revenue Cash/Trade Receivables/Prepaymetns/etc...
1.1.2 Equity Share Capital/Retained Earnings
1.2 Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders' Equity
1.3 Statement of Financial Position
2 Income Statement
2.1 Revenues less expenses in accounting period
2.1.1 Typical Accounts Revenues: Sales, Fee, Interest Rent Expenses: Wages, rent, interest, etc...
2.2 Profit Added to -
3 Statement of Retained earnings
3.1 Accumulation of profits not yet distributed
3.2 Retained Earnings from Previous Year
3.2.1 Plus: Yearly Profits Less: Dividents +/- Other changes Ending Retained Earnings Retained Earnings
3.3 Ending retained earnings -
4 Cash Flow Statements
4.1 Inflows and outflows of cash in operating, investing, and financing
4.2 ENDING CASH BALANCE: Into balance sheet
5 Closing the books
5.1 Closed (temporary
5.1.1 All Revenue Accounts All Expense Accounts Dviidends
5.2 Permanent (Open)
5.2.1 Assets/Liabilities Accounts Equity