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1 Types Of Computers
1.1 Anologue
1.1.1 Very easy to change the physical components of the computer. Mainly used in factories.
1.2 Digital
1.2.1 Most commonly used computer to process information using the binary code system
1.3 Personal
1.3.1 This includes: netbooks, laptops, tablets, phones ect.
1.4 SuperComputers
1.4.1 These are the fastest computers in the world and are measured by their calculation speed
1.5 Embedded
1.5.1 These computers are programmed to run only on specific software, eg: ATM
2 Hardware
2.1 What is a Hardware?
2.1.1 The Physical components of a computer system.
2.2 Hardware Components
2.2.1 CPU The Central Processing Unit decides what the information processed means
2.2.2 RAM A fast temporary type of memory that programs can store information in until the computer is turned off.
2.2.3 ROM This memory cant be changed by a program or a user and retains memory, even if the computer is off.
2.2.4 Flash Memory This is a portable storage device to carry information around, it can transfer information from and to other computers
3 Software
3.1 What is software?
3.1.1 A program that gives a specific set of instructions, usually stored so the computer can use later.
3.2 Types Of Software
3.2.1 OS An Operating System that allows the computer to do simple and basic instructions
3.2.2 Word Processors Allows you to write essays, novels, reports, or other types of text.
3.2.3 SpreadSheets Track budgets or investments, or make other calculations.
3.2.4 Web Browsers Allows you to connect and browse the internet pages
4 Communication Devices
4.1 Network Interface Card
4.1.1 Enables a computer to connect to a network such as a home network or the Internet using an Ethernet cable.
4.2 Router
4.2.1 Allows you to network computers by wireless so you don't have to use an ethernet cable.
4.3 USB Hub
4.3.1 Allows you to connect many USB's into one hub to exchange information.
4.4 Modem
4.4.1 Allows you to connect to the internet using your landline, but when someone is using the phone, you cannot connect to the internet
5 Internet Safety
5.1 Cyber Bullying
5.1.1 Cyberbullying can happen to you, to prevent it from happening, never give out your personal details
5.2 Viruses
5.2.1 Viruses can cause you computer to crash and malfunction, makesure you don't open any weird or false emails.
6 Reliability
6.1 You must maintane your computer to make sure it can run efficiently and at its full potential
6.2 This means you might have to manage parts of the computer whether its internally (Software) or externally (Hardware)
6.3 You can internally manage your computer using software like CC Cleaner or Norton Virus Scanner to check for any errors That could occur or have occurred.
6.4 You can manage your computer externally by using air dusters which can remove any dust particles that may be clogging up in your computer.
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